Red Sun Sets

Henrik Sundholm

Photography enthusiast from Sweden.

Images are emotionally important to us. They are inherently infused with meaning; through them we mediate experiences and project our implicit view of life. Hence I try not only to capture, but to recreate, the world around me as it is felt by the world within me. It is a place from which inevitable tragedies can be survived. Make no mistake: art is about survival.

I was born in Sweden in 1985. Over the past ten years, photography has been an almost existential passion of mine, and this portfolio collects my entire output, more or less, from 2011 onwards.

Currently I work as an archivist at the municipal archive of Västerås in Sweden. While I don’t pursue a career in photography, my work is focused on the preservation and digitization of historical photographs. If you wish to use my images commercially, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.

Born: 1985

Location: Sweden

Started out: 2009

Camera: Nikon D7200

Lenses: 8-16mm f/4,5, 12-24mm f/4, 50mm f/1,8 and the 18-200mm f/3,5.
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