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Within Me

Images are emotionally important to us. They are inherently infused with meaning; through them we can mediate experiences and project our implicit view of life. For many years I’ve been occupied with photography for this very reason: I desire not only to capture, but to recreate, the world around me as it is felt by the world within me. My images comprise a microcosm utopia that’s meticulously composed, vibrant and if nothing else harmonious. It’s a balanced place from where the inevitable tragedies and cruelty of life can be survived. Make no mistake about it: art is about survival.

In so many words, let’s get on with it.

I was born in 1985, some ten miles west of Stockholm. Perhaps counter-intuitively, I could never draw or paint, but I did enjoy writing early on. In my teenage years I began reading books in earnest while learning to play the guitar and writing song lyrics, essays, short stories and the like. Regardless of what I did however, this uncanny feeling that I should be doing something else stayed with me. Sure, I was being creative, but I wasn’t able to properly offer my sense of life to the world.

Becoming an author of images in 2009, that uncanny feeling gradually seeped away. Hence for me, photography was never about gear and f-stops, but a personal project to make my life more complete. I view photographs the same way I view paintings, and having studied art history, I evermore consciously approach image creation while keeping its forebearers in mind. Awareness of, and experience with, viewing and thinking about art has helped me find my way ahead.

This digital platform exhibits some of my highlights, created over the course of five years or so, and it has you in mind. Its purpose is for you to see how I feel the world. If I survive the austerity of life through these images, then perhaps in some small way they can help you do the same.

Born: 1985

Location: Sweden

Started out: 2009

Camera: Nikon D7000

Lenses: 12-24mm f/4, 50mm f/1,8 and the 18-200mm f/3,5.
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